Prices & Plans

Prices & Plans

Quantitative Method: Apparent and most preferable services inquiry from many researchers is Online Questionnaires data collection. Selective Social media networking group and affiliate online surveyor portal are always our preferred method to deliver the best data collection.

No fancy and complicated web questionnaires design is required, leave the dirty work to us & we shall get the job done in accordance for you. Please follow through the simple registration step, complete the information required, select the packages desire, make the payment and you will expecting your data within the stipulated timeline.

Pricing Plans

Data Collection Package Available (updatable from time to time)



  • 250 Respondents



  • 300-400 Respondents



  • 500-600 Respondents

Complimentary SPSS Tabulation

  • Demographic Statistic
  • Reliability Statistics
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • KMO and Bartlett’s Test
  • Communalities
  • Total Variance Explained
  • CFA

Example of Table/Chart Options:

  • Demographic (SPSS)
  • Reliability Statistic (SPSS)
  • Descriptive Statistic (SPSS)
  • KMO & Bartlett’s Test (SPSS)
  • Communalities (SPSS)
  • Total Variance Explained (SPSS)
  • Scree Plot (SPSS)
  • Histogram (SPSS)
  • Confirmatory Factor Analysis Chart (AMOS)
  • Structural Equation Modeling (AMOS)
  • Standardized Regression Weights (AMOS)